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Once your domain has been registered and a web hosting account activated, it is time to begin thinking about what you want from your web site.

The most important part is the content that tells the story about whatever you are promoting online.  Much like a catalogue, your site will be easy to navigate when it is organized by category and provides a flow that leads the visitor to take action.  The Mediaversal web design and web development team is here to help build your responsive site which can easily be accessed on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers.



Recent ProjectsBecause the Joomla CMS is completely database driven your content can be rapidly deployed and updated dynamically.  Do you have News, products, or services to offer? These are simple to maintain by any administrator, providing secure access for unlimited contributing authors. The templates we use have a 12 column system that features a fully customisable layouts including left, center, and right Module boxes.  Adding media and images can be done directly from any browser. When you want to collect data from your visitors, we can add Dynamic Forum, Pols, and Voting, all with on-the-spot results


Extended Functionality

  • Image Galleries presenting art, personal photos, or any kind of product.
  • Event Calendar with multiple ways to view entries.
  • Audio and Video Streaming.
  • Social Network Connections
  • Shopping Carts for products and services
  • Subscription based sales – best for services and software.
  • Donation and Membership forms.
  • Directories, Mapping.
  • Tickets, Events, and Room Bookings
    … and so much more – Please Describe Your Needs!


Extensive Administration

  • Change order of objects including news, FAQs, Articles etc.
  • Random News Generator
  • Remote Author submission Module for News, Articles, FAQs, and Links
  • Object hierarchy - as many Sections, departments, divisions, and pages as you want
  • Image library - store all your PNGs, PDFs, DOCs, XLSs, GIFs, and JPEGs online for easy use
  • News Feed Manager - Easily integrate news feeds into your Web site.
  • E-mail a friend and Print format available for every story and Article
  • In-line Text editor similar to any basic word processor software
  • User editable look and feel
  • Layout preview - See how it looks before going live
  • Banner Manager - Make money from your new web site.
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