Security & Maitenance Service

Mediaversal provides a comprehensive security and maintenance service for your Joomla web site.  Regardless of whether we built your web site, or you are coming to us to provide these services.  However, we are not providing a cleaning service for sites that have been already hacked.  Instead we provide a reliable method of maintaining your site from security threats during the time you are a subscriber to our Monthly Security and Maintenance Service.  NOTE:  We only provide our services to customers based in the United States and Canada.

Monthly Security & Maintenance Service Subscription for One Joomla Web Site includes:

  • Continuos monitoring of site availbility status.
  • Continuos monitoring of any changed files on your web site.
  • Free updates for Joomla and installed extensions*
  • Weekly Backup of all files and databases.
  • Free recovery of site should you ever get hacked.

All this for $12.99 as an auto renewal subscription.  No contract required.  Cancellations will be effective the end of your 30 day subscription term.

* Note: A current paid licensed for extensions with maintenance fees will be billed separately.  Please ask if your web site contains any paid licenses. 

This service is priced for a single Joomla web site.  A subscription is required for each additional site.

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