Style Variations

The template used on this site has 6 preset styles / style variations and 18 combinations. Each preset style has 3 background styles: Simple, Standard & Full, which represent different levels of detail, which help demonstrate how Joomla can easily deploy your web site with a great look. There are hundreds of templates to choose from, this is simply one of the hundreds availble.

Below is a screenshot of each style variation, in sequential order, Style 1 - Style 6.




Style1Style1 Style1
Style2 Style2 Style2
Style3 Style3 Style3
Style4 Style4 Style4
Style5 Style5 Style5
Style6 Style6 Style6


I couldn't believe how fast Mediaversal deployed our web site, and at such a reasonable price. Then I was astonished how easy it was for me, a non-techie to make updates!

- Virginia Roberts

Within two days of the website going live, I've already sold two paintings as a result of your fine work!  Also, another abstract painter saw my new website, really liked it and wanted to know who the designer was.

Sheryl Holland,