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Engineering successful web sites.

Announcing Joomla!Our long history of working with computers dates back to the days prior to the public internet. As users around the world were just plugging in, our staff had already accomplished the deployment of web sites featuring a multitude of material.

This experience has allowed us to offer development services for a variety of clients seeking a web presence.

Using several tools we have integrated shopping carts, media files, and content to create one of the most cost effective marketing platforms.

We commonly work with:

  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Religious Institutions
  • Small Businesses
  • Personal Websites


Mediaversal is ready to build or update your web site. Using the latest web technology, we will develop your website using a customized template and personalized menu system. We’ll add the special features that you need, and let you take it from there.

Through the use of the open source Joomla Content Management System, and its many plug-ins, we can create a feature-rich website customized to your needs.

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We commonly build

  • A blog and comment system
  • user registration and its social networking features
  • events calendars and reservations
  • podcasting, video streaming, flash media
  • news in RSS feeds
  • polls and personalized forms
  • photo gallery and media management
  • shopping carts and catalogs


Read more to find out how to begin development of your new website.

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SPECIAL: When you use the above referral link, Mediaversal will install the latest version of Joomla on your primary domain at no cost.
This offer is valid for new sites only, and comes with no warranty or additional services without a paid contract with Mediaversal.

Disclosure: Mediaversal receives compensation from the hosting provider whose services we recommend. Mediaversal is independently owned and makes this recommendation based on an above average experience with the hosting services provided.


I couldn't believe how fast Mediaversal deployed our web site, and at such a reasonable price. Then I was astonished how easy it was for me, a non-techie to make updates!

- Virginia Roberts

Within two days of the website going live, I've already sold two paintings as a result of your fine work!  Also, another abstract painter saw my new website, really liked it and wanted to know who the designer was.

Sheryl Holland,